With input from chiropractors and physicians, the Padda ringette girdle is designed specifically for the ultimate female protection, either for the recreational or youth level players (blue line), or the elite level players (red line).

This product is used by ringette players and referees everywhere.

Ask for it by name.  Padda!


Blue Line (the original)

The Lycra and Spandex material provides a comfortable fit for players who are serious about their game. The girdles are lightweight and flexible with a built in "Jill" (pelvic protection) and cell foam protection designed in all strategic locations (thighs, hips, and tailbone).

  * available in Youth Small, Medium, Large, and Adult XSmall to XXLarge.



Red Line (Pro model)

The Lycra and Spandex materials are the same as the Blueline, providing all the same comfortable fit for even the most active player. The girdles are lightweight and flexible with a built in "Jill" protector and foam padding throughout.  Redline also features hard plastic thigh covers and double foam hip padding, designed to meet the demands of even the most aggressive Ringette player's.

  * available in Adult XSmall to XLarge.


We now have the ability to
custom print girdle shells.

Please contact us for more details.
(minimum quantity orders required)
All Canadian Made

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