Press Release

June 2012

Padda Sports Refines Line for 2012

Ottawa, ON - Padda Sports, an Ottawa based company, makers of the only all Canadian Ringette Girdle, announce the availability of the 2012 line of Padda Girdles.

Designed in Ottawa for the Canadian invented sport of ringette, Padda girdle was first marketed in 1998 under the Jerrand name, where it captured a significant portion of the Canadian market.

Working hand in hand with Ringette players, chiropractic and design consultants this padded stretch short has been designed as a premium protective garment for women and girls of all ages, providing one of the highest levels of protection and comfort available today.  

As an All-Canadian product, materials are purchased from Canadian textile firms and suppliers, while production is split between Ottawa and Regina. In Regina, the garment is assembled and distributed by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council, an organization dedicated to providing programs and work opportunities to people with disabilities.

For 2012, Padda has further refined the design and improved the overall fit and comfort of the garment.