Padda Sports (formerly Jerrand), now under new management

Since 1998, Jerrand girdles have been the ultimate protection for ringette players.
A Canadian based design company,
sourcing Canadian woven fabrics and padding to manufacture a top quality product within Canada, for a winter sport originating in Canada -- a true Canadian story.

In February 2010 Padda Sports took over Jerrand manufacturing, and is continuing the tradition of quality and Canadian manufacturing of the ringette girdle that has become the benchmark for protection in the game today.

The production process of the ringette girdle is another unique Canadian solution and success story. The girdles are sewn in the Ottawa area then shipped to our distributor, The Saskatchewan Abilities Council, where the pads are stuffed into the girdles by abilities challenged workers.  The finished product is then distributed to your local ringette retailers.  Ask for them by name.  Padda!

What is ringette?

Ringette is a winter sport, created by Sam Jacks in North Bay in 1963.  Originally created to involve girls in a non-contact, strategy, on ice team game, Ringette has grown to become an internationally played sport in countries such as Finland, Sweeden, France, Norway, Germany and parts of the United States.
For more information, see our links page to contact Ringette Canada, or your provincial organization to locate a ringette association near you.

To become a Dealer?

In Canada
Please contact Stinger Sports (The Saskatchewan Abilities Council), Regina, SK.
Tel: 306-569-9048
stingersports @

USA or International
Please contact Padda sports
Email: contact @